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Vendor Sponsorship

How to Support Health Care Resource Management Association of New York (HCRMA-NY)


The HCRMA-NY mission is to “promote, encourage, enhance, and develop individual member’s professional stature through networking, education, training, and professional development …through seminars, programs, meetings, credentialing, and other means.”  Professional certification such as Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) is a key goal of many members that we look to provide tutoring and support to achieve this professional level of excellence. 


We cannot achieve this goal without your support and involvement.  Your organization can play a vital role by providing financial support via one of the levels listed below which help  HCRMA-NY continue to meet its membership goals.

HCRMA- NY offers levels of support, all of which provide your organization an opportunity to meet with the leading Supply Chain leaders in the New York City area. Here is your opportunity to support the HCRMA-NY:


Full Sponsor Level- Sponsor an HCRMA-NY monthly event: This sponsorship includes the opportunity to present healthcare industry specific information that is relevant to the healthcare supply chain and your company.  This does include attendance of your full team of sales individuals and the presenter; an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s product and offerings. The added benefit of this sponsorship level is that allows continuation of attendance for one (1) year or twelve (12) future events for up to three (3) additional attendees per event.  Additionally, we will provide recognition through newsletters, events, member email notification, HCRMA-NY’s website, and more.


Supporter Level, $1000- Supporter Level sponsors of HCRMA-NY includes attendance to six (6) association events. Your organization is recognized in newsletters, at events, and via the HCRMA-NY website. This also includes attendance for up to two (2) additional attendees at any six (6) monthly association events.


Friend Level, $500- Friend Level support of HCRMA-NY includes attendance at three (3) association events for one (1) attendee. Friend level support is recognized at events, newsletters, and vendor information distributed to members via email. 

For more information please contact Patrick Villacreses at  or Franco Sagliocca at

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