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The Hospital Purchasing and Materials Management Association (HPMMA) of Greater New York, Inc. have been in existence since the 1960’s.  This organization has been closely aligned with the major hospitals in New York by engaging their Supply Chain departments and leadership by offering education and demonstrations of best demonstrated practices with the support of the national association, Association for Healthcare Resource Materials Management (AHRMM).  In 1991 due to evolution of the organization and the elevation of the supply chain, the HPMMA changed its name to the Healthcare Materials Management Association (HMMA) and then to the Healthcare Resource and Materials Association (HCRMA) of Greater New York, Inc. 

Our past is similar to our national association who’s history can be assessed by clicking here.


HCRMA will provide a relevant and consistent resource for the advancement of our membership and the healthcare supply chain in the Greater New York area. 


HCRMA provides healthcare supply chain professionals an organization that provides a source of education, networking and camaraderie.  We strive to engage our membership by linking world class educational offerings, supplier relationships and leading edge product and process demonstrations


Excellence – HCRMA strives for the highest quality in all that we do.

Membership Support – HCRMA is motivated by a sincere commitment to offer resources to advance our membership in their journey to embrace and implement best practices for the supply chain.

Ethics - HCRMA will maintain the highest ethical standards through its actions and decision.

Teamwork - HCRMA cultivates an environment of communication, respect, trust and collaboration.

Commitment - HCRMA is motivated by pride and dedication, determined to achieve goals of the organization and willing to give our best efforts at all times.

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