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Why join the Healthcare Resource Management Association (HCRMA)?


Whether you are interested in increasing your knowledge, furthering your career, strengthening your network, or making new friends, joining our local chapter is a great way to meet your goals. The New York Chapter of AHRMM- Healthcare Resource Management Association (HCRMA) is your most valuable local opportunity to do just that. In addition to providing information about your chosen field, HCRMA can enhance your personal and professional development and provide endless networking opportunities. Here are eight reasons for joining HCRMA.


  • Broaden your knowledge. HCRMA offers education opportunities year-round where you can learn “best practices”, hear new ideas, learn about achievements in your field, and brainstorm with your peers who are also looking to share and learn.


  • Enhance your network. Networking is critical, and HCRMA members are able to connect to support and help one another in reaching professional goals.


  • Develop and exercise your leadership skills. HCRMA members have opportunities to develop and strengthen their leadership skills by serving on the Board as well as a number of committees.


  • Further your career. Take advantage of career resources to find job opportunities in your area or pursue CMRP certification.


  • Take advantage of available scholarships. HCRMA is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and education for its members. Because of this there are a number of scholarships available for members wising to obtain CMRP certification.


  • Give back to others. HCRMA members support the PROJECT PERFECT WORLD initiative by making a donation in the name of the HCRMA-NY


  • Find strength in numbers. Materials Management is a valuable and vital part of the healthcare system. Members are part of an established support system of experienced professionals who are motivated to further their peers’ knowledge and education.


  • Stay inspired and motivated. Join HCRMA today and strengthen yourself and your education.


Complete the attached membership form and start taking advantage of all the rewards and opportunities this great organization has to offer.

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